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As new to forex, didn’t know anything. Then deceived by account managers and fake signals providers, lost some money, then decided to learn by myself. After watching some videos of Sir Mohsin, then joined live session and learn alot about my mistakes and how to analyse market. Sir Mohsin is very humble, cooperative and complete knowledge of market. I am very thankful to Sir Mohsin and on the way to recover my losses INSHALLAH.


Muhammad Adnan

Forex Trader

When I heard about the Forex trading, so I didn’t know even the name of forex, but when I started watching the videos of Sir Mohsin’s on YouTube, I understood something about what is Forex. When I started the paid course under the supervision of sir Mohsin, now I think that if I have patience and trade with money management, then no trade will be lost. Sir Mohsin is a very sophisticated man. We hope that when we complete the course, we will be able to trade in Forex with a better model.


Abdul Latif Malik

Forex Trader

1- The best traders hone their skills through practice and discipline.
2- They also perform self-analysis (technical and fundamentals) to see what drives their
trades and learn how to keep fear and greed out of the equation.
3- These are the skills any Forex trader should practice.

All above points and many other things I have learned from I am appreciating Mr. Mohsin’s efforts and positive thinking for all traders.


Zahid Hussain

Forex Trader

This platform has a magic for the people who interested in forex. I did not know anything before i join this live class. but now i can read the chart, can see and judge the meanings of candle sticks and learning more and more. I suggest you to come at this platform and join this. you will get 100% if u act on this…thanks


Adnan Raheem

Forex Trader

I admit, I started forex after watching Mr. Mohsin videos on YouTube. His grip on technicalities over forex specially on Gold is excellent. He is chashing gold movement almost accurately. He is simple person and his teaching skill is simple as well which allow every forex learner to understand it easily. His daily and weekly forecast on gold is almost 80% hit the bulls eye. I really like his truthfulness about his principle that he will only teach and guide the learner. if anyone wants to learn the forex than he is good choice.


Muhammad Nadeem Zulfiqar

Forex Trader

I would highly recommend Mr Mohsin Sher for any future courses or lessons to understand and learn the Forex market. I found him to be a life saviour for me in trading I was constantly loosing money before joining his live session but his teaching method is top notch and very easy to learn and understand things.


Musawar Ahmed

Forex Trader

Very honest and Kind Person. Your way of teaching is really amazing and technical. wishing you long and happy life.


Zubair Khan

Forex Trader


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